The Easiest Company to Do Business With In the Industry

As a leading manufacturer of world-class lighting and electrical products, Topaz prides itself as the easiest company to do business with in the industry. For over 30 years, Topaz has delivered friendly award winning service and the industry’s most powerful solutions. Topaz offers a better way to do business.

Welcome to the World of Topaz!

It begins with your very own personal assistant – a single point of contact to get all of your needs met… fast! Need competitive pricing? Your assistant will provide you with unmatched value pricing to help reduce project costs. Need your products delivered the next day? No problem! Our overnight delivery shrinks your inventory requirements and helps to improve your margins. And our 99% fill rates are simply the best in the business. Add to all that… our unsurpassed product quality and you can see why our electrical products are guaranteed for life.

Take the Topaz Challenge!

Being the easiest company to do business with is why Topaz delivers to over 10,000 counters nationwide, through our 17 distribution centers around the country. So take the Topaz Challenge and test any of our 17,000 plus products against your current brands.

For the best service, price, delivery and value give us a call. Topaz… Friendly Service… Powerful Solutions.