Recessed Downlighting

Topaz’s residential/commercial low voltage and line voltage housings and trims are the perfect choice for new and remodel construction. Options are available to accommodate a wide array of trims to complement any style. Offered in both IC and Non-IC rated fixtures to meet local building code requirements. For applications with restricted space, Topaz carries a line of shallow housings as well as housings for sloped ceilings.

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6" Shallow IC/AT Line Voltage Remodel Construction Housing
Item No. RH6/R/S/IC/AT-28
Not for sale in residential new construction in California 751338026193 1/6-PK SHALLOW IC/AT OLD-WORK CAN 78534
3" All White Baffle Low Voltage Trim
Item No. RT301WH-28
751338093713 1/12-PK 3" LV ALL-WHITE BAFFLE 79611
5" Line Voltage Baffle Splay Trim White
Item No. RT501WH-28
751338090552 1/12-PK 5" BAFFLE SPLAY TRIM WHITE 77601
5" Line Voltage Trim Fresnel Shower W/White Ring
Item No. RT509WH/FL-28
751338083783 1/12-PK 5" FRESNEL SHOWER W/WHT RING 77602
6" All Black Eyeball Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT603BL-28
751338024939 1/12-PK 6" ALL-BLACK EYEBALL TRIM 79573
6" White Regressed Eyeball W/Baffle Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT613WH/R-28
751338026056 1/12-PK 6" ALL-WHITE REGRESSED EYEBALL W/BAFFLE 77599
6" All White Sloped Baffle Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT602WH/SC-28
751338019720 1/12-PK ALL WHITE SLOPE BAFFLE 78154
5" Line Voltage Trim White Splay Baffle
Item No. RT502WH-28
751338022164 1/12-PK ALL WHITE SPLAY BAFFLE FOR 5" CANS 79164
6" All White Eyeball Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT603WH-28
751338092716 1/12-PK ALL-WHITE EYEBALL 6" TRIM 79551
6" Clear Deep Reflector W/White Ring Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT610CL/WH-28
751338029354 1/12-PK CLR DEEP REFLECTOR W/WHITE RING 79156
3" Round Satin Nickel Gimbal Low Voltage Trim
Item No. RT332SN-28
751338097049 1/24-PK 3" ROUND SATIN NICKEL GIMBAL 79952
4" 12V Fresnel Shower Low Voltage Trim
Item No. RT409WH/FL/LV-28
751338029378 1/24-PK 4" 12V FRESNEL SHOWER TRIM 77670
4" Line Voltage Trim Albalite Shower White Ring
Item No. RT409WH/A-28
751338090569 1/24-PK 4" ALBALITE SHOWER WHITE RING 77605
4" Line Voltage Trim White Eyeball
Item No. RT403WH-28
751338023758 1/24-PK 4" ALL WHITE EYEBALL TRIM 77606
4" Line Voltage Trim Clear W/White Ring
Item No. RT400CL/WH-28
751338022553 1/24-PK 4" CLEAR W/WHT-RING TRIM 77671
4" Clear Reflector W/White Ring GU10 Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT400CL/WH/LV-28
751338029941 1/24-PK 4" L/V CLEAR REFLECTOR W/WHT RING 78356
4" Line Voltage Trim Step Baffle White Wall Wash
Item No. RT421WH-28
751338023765 1/24-PK 4" STEP BAFFLE WHITE WALL WASH 77607
6" Air Tight Black Torsion Spring Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT602BL/WH/AT-28
751338019997 1/24-PK 6" A/T BLACK TORSION SPRING TRIM 79610
6" Air Tight Matte White Torsion Spring Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT602WH/AT-28
751338075689 1/24-PK 6" A/T MATTE WHITE TORSION SPRING TRIM 77598
6" Satin-Chrome R30 Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT601SCH-28
751338029415 1/24-PK 6" ALL SATIN-CHROME R30 BAFFLE 70960
6" Air Tight Gloss White Torsion Spring Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT602GW/AT-28
751338090194 1/24-PK 6" AT GL WHT TORSION SPRNG TRIM 77565