Miniature Lamps

Topaz's LED Miniature LampsTopaz’s LED miniature lamp series replaces xenon or halogen bulbs with the same light output, but use less energy and can last up to ten times longer than traditional lamps. Ideal for low voltage lighting, many of these LED miniature bulbs can be substituted for existing special application bulbs.
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LED 3.5W Miniature Pin-based Lamps
Item No. LG9T7/4/830/120V-33
PCS 751338022416 3.5W(30) G9-BASE T7 LAMP 120V 3000K PC# 73280
LED 2.5W Miniature Pin-based Lamps
Item No. LG4T6/3/830/12V-33
PCS 751338022409 2.5W G4-BASE LED T6 BI-PIN 3000K 12V PC# 73278