Topaz Incandescent Lamps

Known as the “original light bulb”—the incandescent—sheds light where you require and is ideal for multiple residential and commercial uses. Topaz’s full line of incandescent lamps feature excellent light output and good optic control along with dimming capabilities. Topaz has assembled an expansive inventory to suit any application and offers a large variety of shapes and sizes from appliance lamps to globe lamps, decorative candelabras to bug lights.

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40W T14 Antique Circular Filament Lamp
PCS 751338094833 1/6/60-PK ANTQ T14 40W CIRCULAR FILAMENT 78753
40W G30 Antique Spiral Filament Lamp
PCS 751338094888 1/50-PK ANTQ G30 40W SPIRAL FILAMENT 78758
7W Clear E12 Indicator Lamp
Item No. 7C7-51
PCS 751338094017 25/1000-PK 7W CLEAR E12 INDICATOR LAMP 79328
130V E12 Ceramic Red Lamp
Item No. 7C7/CR-41
PCS 751338028685 25/1000-PK 130V E12 CERAMIC-RED 78256
75W Frosted Rough Service Lamp 130V
Item No. 75A/RS-51
PCS 751338014817 4/120-PK 75W FROSTED ROUGH-SERVICE 130V 77728
75W A19 Clear Rough Service Lamp 130V
Item No. 75A/RS/CL-51
PCS 751338000612 4/120-PK 75W A19 CLEAR ROUGH SERVICE 130V 79303
75W A19 Black Lamp 130V
Item No. 75A/BL-51
PCS 751338002104 75W INCANDESCENT BLACK-LIGHT A19 2,000Hr MOL=2.36" PC#75748
65W BR40 Reflector Lamp 130V
Item No. 65BR40FL/130V-51
PCS 751338087415 1/6/24-PK 65W BR40 REFLECTOR 130V 79020
65W BR40 Reflector Lamp 120V
Item No. 65BR40FL/120V-51
PCS 751338088436 1/6/24-PK 65W BR40 REFLECTOR 120V 79117
65W BR30 Reflector Lamp 130V
Item No. 65BR30FL/130V-51
PCS 751338015289 65W BR30 REFLECTOR 130V 600L / MOL=132mm PC#79019
65W BR30 Reflector Lamp 120V
Item No. 65BR30FL/120V-51
PCS 751338013810 65W BR30 120V RELECTOR PC# 70077
60W Clear Fiesta Tip Lamp
Item No. 60F15-41
PCS 751338041035 1/25/250-PK 60W CLEAR FIESTA 77485
60W Frosted E26 Flame Tip Lamp 130V
Item No. 60EFF-41
PCS 751338040984 1/25/500-PK 60W FLAME-TIP E26 FROST 130V 79826
Blunt Tip Frosted Candelabra Lamp
Item No. 60CTF-41
PCS 751338014435 1/25/500-PK BLUNT-TIP FROSTED CANDELABRA 77447
Clear Blunt Tip Candelabra Lamp
Item No. 60CTC-51
PCS 751338093966 1/25/500-PK BLUNT-TIP CLEAR CANDELABRA 79323
60W Flame Tip Candelabra Lamp
Item No. 60CFC-51
PCS 751338093942 1/25/500-PK 60W FLAME-TIP CANDELABRA 79321
60W A15 Fan & Appliance Lamp
Item No. 60A15/CL-61
PCS 751338033283 4/120-PK 60W FAN & APPLIANCE A15 78544
60W Frosted A19 Silver-Bowl Lamp
Item No. 60A/SBIF-51
PCS 751338015265 60W SILVER-BOWL FROSTED A19 4/120-PK PC#73952
60W Frosted Rough Service Lamp 130V
Item No. 60A/RS-51
PCS 751338030329 4/120-PK 60W FROSTED ROUGH-SERVICE 130V 77985
60W Clear A19 Rough Service Lamp 130V
Item No. 60A/RS/CL-51
PCS 751338022447 4/120-PK 60W CLEAR ROUGH-SERVICE 130V A19 79302
60W Frosted A19 Lamp 220V
Item No. 60A/IF/220V-51
PCS 751338099203 4/120-PK 220V 60W FROSTED A19 77772