HID - Ceramic Metal Halide

Topaz’s Ceramic Metal Halide Series lamps deliver exceptional savings through longevity without compromising on quality color rendering, while our Standard Metal Halide offers customers flexible design applications and long life. Our premier line of energy efficient High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps are the municipalities’ go-to source for exterior illumination; ideally suited for street and parking area lighting with an emphasis on high functionality and practicality.
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CXL 35W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp G12-Base
Item No. MHC35T6/830/G12-TPZ
751338093621 CERAMIC METAL HALIDE LAMP 35W G12-BASE T6 78527
CX 35W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp G8-Base
Item No. MHC35TC/830/G8-TPZ
751338093577 CERAMIC METAL HALIDE LAMP 35W G8-BASE T7 78523
CXL 70W XENON Halogen Lamp G12-BASE
Item No. MHC70T6/830/G12-TPZ
751338093638 CERAMIC METAL HALIDE LAMP 70W G12-BASE T6 78528
Image titleWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.p65warning.ca.gov