Topaz’s Traditional Lighting selection for Recessed Downlighting includes GU10. Our GU10 inventory is made up of GU10 New 4”, GU10 Remodel 4” and GU10 Trims 4”. Upgrade your commercial or residential applications by offering up to 75% energy savings over fluorescent lighting.
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4" Clear Reflector W/White Ring GU10 Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT400CL/WH/LV-28
751338029941 1/24-PK 4" L/V CLEAR REFLECTOR W/WHT RING 78356
4" Black Baffle Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT401BL/LV-28
751338070974 1/24-PK ALL-BLACK BAFFLE L/V TRIM 78729
4" White Line Voltage Reflector
Item No. RT400WH/LV-28
751338022560 1/24-PK ALL-WHITE 4" L/V REFLECTOR 79128
4" White Steel Baffle Line Voltage Trim
Item No. RT401WH/LV-28
751338021716 1/24-PK ALL-WHITE STEEL BAFFLE TRIM 79127
4" Line Voltage Trim White Square Gimbal
Item No. RT422WH/LV-28
751338072022 1/24-PK L/V ALL-WHITE SQUARE GIMBAL TRIM 77534
4" GU10 Non-IC New Construction Housing
Item No. RH4/NG-28
751338092730 1/6-PK 4" NON-IC GU10 NEW-WORK CAN 79550
4" GU10 Non-IC Remodel Construction Housing
Item No. RH4/RG-28
751338086302 1/6-PK 4" NON-IC GU10 REMODEL CAN 78282