Video Gallery - "Essential Knowledge"

Educational video series on electrical fittings. What they are, where they are used, and how to use them. Browse our Electrical Training Series for informational videos on electrical fittings categories BX, Flex & MC Cable, EMT Fittings, Liquidtight, Rigid Fittings, Common Electrical Raceways and Steel Box Supports.

BX, Flex & MC Cable

Full Course - (all 7 chapters)

Chapters (1-7)

Duplex Connectors

Combination Couplings

Squeeze Type Connectors

Screw-in Type Connectors & Couplings

Snap-in Connectors


Anti-Short Bushings

EMT Fittings

Full Course (all 7 chapters)

Chapters (1-7)

EMT Couplings

EMT Connectors

EMT Combination Fittings

EMT Insulated Bushings

EMT Pull Elbows

EMT Straps

Building an EMT Raceway


Full Course (all 5 chapters)
Chapters (1-5)

Liquidtight Conduit

Non-Metallic Connectors

Malleable Iron Connectors

Zinc Connectors

Combination Couplings

Rigid Fittings

Full Course (all 7 chapters)

Chapters (1-5)
Rigid Elbows, Nipples, Couplings

Rigid Locknuts, Bushings, Straps

Rigid Pull Elbows

Rigid Raintight Connectors and Couplings

Rigid Reducing Bushings

Rigid Watertight Hub

Sample Rigid Conduit Assembly

Common Electrical  Raceways

Common Electrical Conduit Raceways

Steel Box Supports

Full Course (all 5 chapters)

Rigid Box Supports - Wall Brackets

Telescoping Support Bracket

Bracket to Stud Support

Switch Box Support

T-Grid Box Support