Superior Protection from Corrosion and Harsh Environments

Topaz is proud to support the rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure by offering hot dip galvanized products that meet the strict requirements for installation in harsh environments. The rigid expansion coupling’s internal grounding design prevents a need for external bonding jumpers and cables. Our mogul conduit bodies come completely assembled with raised cover, gasket, and stainless-steel cover screws. Topaz’s high-quality hot dip galvanized finish provides superior protection against severe environmental factors.

Mogul Conduit Bodies with Cover & Galsket

  • c(UL)us listed wet locations
  • Threaded NPT tapered hubs for Rigid and IMC conduit
  • Smooth and round integral hub bushings protect conductor insulation
  • Access to wiring for maintenance and future changes
  • Assembled with raised cover, gasket and stainless-steel cover screws

Rigid Expansion Couplings

  • c(UL)us listed wet locations
  • Internal grounding design prevents a need for external bonding jumpers and cables
  • Designed to prevent conduit from buckling and causing circuit failures
  • For use with Rigid UL 6 Conduit
  • Allows up to 4" of linear movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction (2" in either direction on center)