Effective November 7, 2022, all orders, returns, and invoicing for Topaz products will be managed through Southwire’s ERP system.

This will apply to all Topaz and Agent warehouse locations. Many of you are already Southwire customers, so you will only need to update the vendor in your systems from Topaz to Southwire.

Purchase orders should be addressed to:
Southwire Company, LLC
1 Southwire Drive
Carrollton, GA 30119

Remittance Address for check payments is:
Southwire Company, LLC,
75 Remittance Drive, Suite 6815
Chicago, IL 60675-6815

*If ACH payments are preferred, the customer can email their fax number to PowerCARS@Southwire.com
or Donna.Back@Southwire.com and the required banking information will be sent via fax.

*Southwire’s Cyber Security Department prohibits banking information from being sent via email.

*For customers who are members of buying groups, such as IMARK or Affiliated Distributors, payments should continue to be made to the corresponding supplier number within the buying group based on who billed the invoice, either Topaz (7-digit invoice number starting with a 2) or Southwire (8-digit invoice number starting with a 9). For buyer group questions, please contact Adriana Wofford @ Adriana.Wofford@Southwire.com.

At the time of transition, any open invoices issued by Topaz (7-digit invoice number beginning with a 2) will still need to be paid to the current remittance printed on the Topaz invoice. Any open orders with Topaz will automatically be moved during the cutover period into Southwire’s SAP system for a November 7th start up, where you will receive a new order confirmation number. These orders will be fulfilled, shipped, and invoiced by Southwire Company, LLC.

For any additional questions or clarification, please contact 800-444-2900 (option 1)