Compact Fluorescent - Covered Type

Topaz's line of Compact Fluorescent Lamps are the next generation replacement for traditional incandescent lamps and are ideal for multiple residential and commercial applications. Topaz’s Compact Fluorescent Lamps are crafted in shapes to suit every need.
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15W CFL G30 Globe 2700K
Item No. CF15/G30/27-46
Not for sale in California 751338047648 1/10/20-PK 15W CFL G30 GLOBE 2700K 77318
9W White Compact Fluorescent Globe 2700K
Item No. CF9/G25/27-46
751338089990 1/10/20-PK 9W CFL GLOBE WHITE 2700K 77546
5W Compact Fluorescent A15 2700K
Item No. CF5/A15/27-33
Not for sale in California 751338086135 1/10/50-PK 5W CFL A15 2700K 78656
5W Compact Fluorescent Chandelier E12 2700K
Item No. CF5/CTW/27-46
751338090002 1/10/50-PK 5W E12 CFL CHANDELIER 2700K 77545
7W Compact Fluorescent 2700K
Item No. CF7/CTW/27-46
751338029255 1/10/50-PK 7W CHANDELIER 2700K 78841
7W Compact Fluorescent E26 Base
Item No. CF7/ETW/27-46
Not for sale in California 751338087965 1/10/50-PK 7W CHANDELIER E26 BASE 79061