Performance Series LED BR40 Indoor Reflector, 13W Dimmable, 5000K

Item No. LBR40/13/950/D-46

Topaz’s Performance Series LED BR40 Reflector lamps combine our latest LED-energy saving technology with our highest color rendering of >90 CRI. A high quality, long lasting alternative to traditional incandescent and halogen floods, these powerful 13W, 5000K lamps are Energy Star Certified and meet the requirements of California’s Title 20 regulations. Ideal for use in track lighting, recessed downlighting & floodlight applications

This product cannot be ordered at the moment.
Restrictions Not for sale in residential new construction in California
Item UPC/EAN Number: 751338033955
Label Description: 7.5W (65W) LED BR40 DIMMABLE 5000K
Label Description 2: 25,000Hr 1,075L, 90CRI 103DEG BEAM T20 COMPLIANT
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