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Topaz's line of socket accessories include lamp holders, lamp extension, socket enlarger and socket reducers.

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E26<E39 Socket Enlarger, Nylon Body
Item No. WD-E26/E39-ENLARGE
751338003613 1/10/100-PK E26<E39 SOCKET ENLARGER, NYLON BODY 72730 / EAS-01
39 - E26 Socket Reducer
Item No. WD-E39/E26-REDUCE
751338098961 1/10/100-PK E39>E26 SOCKET REDUCER 78413/8681/ES01
Socket Extension Med-To-Med
Item No. RFA-ADPT-E26-E26
751338090439 250-PK SOCKET EXTENSION MED-TO-MED 78230 / EA01
5KV Mogul Lamp Holder E39 12" Leads
Item No. WD8-A
751338098985 50-PK 5KV MOGUL LAMPHOLDER E39 12" LEADS 78414
Socket Extension for Mogul Base
Item No. RFA-ADPT-E39-E39
751338003460 6-PK SOCKET EXTENSION FOR MOGUL BASE 79188 / 8647-100