The Easiest Company To Do Business With

More than a name stamped on a box, at Topaz, we strive to be a familiar face at the counter - or a friendly voice on the phone. Our extensive support infrastructure at the local, regional and national levels means that, when you think “Topaz”, you think not only of our quality products, but of our people too.

For over 35 years, Topaz has been a leading provider of quality electrical fittings and lighting products, backed by our firstrate customer service. We pride ourselves on being the easiest company in the industry to do business with, a distinction that has made Topaz the distributor’s first choice when it matters most. Here are just a few of the reasons why we’re different…

No lead times – we stock everything that we sell

If it is a Topaz product, it is available from one of our DCs immediately. The concept of a lead time doesn’t exist – every one of our 8,000 products is a stock product and can be shipped the same day it is ordered.

Local stock, ready for pickup

We have 16 locations nationwide that offer same-day pickup of popular lighting and electrical items, making it easy for you to service your contractors’ last-minute needs.

Orders shipped one hour after they are received

You need your rush order shipped today. If we receive your order by 4PM, we will have it on the 5PM outbound truck. That is the Topaz “in by 4, out by 5” promise, and we live it every day.

Personalized customer service

Topaz will never send you into an endless call queue. Your call will ring directly to your assigned representative’s desk. Everything we do is designed to keep you efficient, allowing you to stay focused on your customers.
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