Lamps and Bulbs

The Lamp You Want, When You Need Them

Topaz is a leading manufacturer of lamps and bulbs for every application. From high powered stadium lighting to the latest LEDs – from landscape to specialty lighting – we deliver an unsurpassed selection of world-class and energy-efficient lamps and bulbs. Shop by type, size, shape and wattage – anything to meet your needs.

The Right Product at the Best Price

For compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, halogen and HID lamps and bulbs, your Topaz personal assistant is always here to help you select the right product at the best price. From residential to commercial, indoor to outdoor – we deliver powerful solutions to get you and your customer the lamps and bulbs you want, when you need them. No company makes doing business easier than Topaz.

Access to Major Brands at Competitive Prices

Topaz provides access to the three major brand light bulb suppliers – GE, Philips and Sylvania – at competitive prices (we only sell these brands to legitimate wholesale distributors).

For our complete line of lamps and bulbs, or for more information, please refer to our online catalog or find a rep.