Ballasts and Components

Reliable, Quiet and Energy-Efficient Ballasts and Components

When choosing among the variety of ballasts and electrical components on the market today, base your decision on which company consistently provides products ahead of the technological curve. Topaz’s efficient, lightweight and quiet operation ballasts provide power for 2, 3 and 4-lamp fixtures, including HID ballast, linear, PL lamps, and u-shaped lamps. Topaz HID ballast replacement lamps run cooler—and longer—and deliver years of high performing, reliable service for emergency lights.

Topaz Delivers a Broad Range of High Quality Ballasts and Components

For outdoor/indoor commercial and industrial HID lighting needs, Topaz’s HID Ballast kits offer mounting hardware, brackets and the necessary capacitors and/or ignitors, so customers are fully equipped for installation. HID ballasts are widely used in street lamps, parking garages, warehouses and for school use in gymnasiums and auditoriums. From magnetic and electronic to compact fluorescent ballasts, Topaz’s superior selection of high quality products incorporate the latest advances to enhance performance and help ensure customer satisfaction.

For our complete line of ballasts and components, or for more information, please refer to our online catalog or find a rep.